What we offer

  • Innovation and a personal service that supports your business
  • Responsibility for your energy needs
  • Market information to help you make the right buying decisions
  • Advice on the legal terms of supply contracts government levies and carbon schemes
  • Fully managed flexible and risk managed services

G & E offers a tailored approach that not only obtains the best possible rates to ensure that you are securing the best deal but also checks historical bills for errors. We can also validate future bills to ensure they are correct.

G & E is independent of any one supplier and will assess your needs to ensure that the service we offer will be tailored to your needs. By tendering your requirements we ensure that you will receive the most competitive prices that can be had.

We have helped businesses from every corner of the UK to reduce their energy consumption, cut energy costs and save money.

G & E has positive relationships with all of the UK’s established electricity and gas suppliers. When a client approaches us for help with their energy needs, we use our experience and proven energy management tools to identify the appropriate way forward for your business. Our knowledgeable energy consultants are always on hand to advise you on any energy-related matter and we offer professional guidance in all areas.